First Fyremane Brushworks order!

Afternoon all!

Well, the first order for Fyremane Brushworks has arrived and is in process…

12 x Rangers of Middle-Earth from GW

Undercoated and based, ready for the first coat asap!


And here is the first “complete” mini. Whenever I get a big batch in I always complete one first to check for colour blend and overall ‘feel’ for the palette.

For instance on this one I originally had a more green base, but I wanted to get away from the ‘glade-dweeling’ Ranger a little as the client is actually going to be using these as Assassins – so a more town-like base was needed.

Anyway, on with the rest of the 11 man squad!

Comments welcome as always.

Thanks S @FBW



These Lord of the Rings Rangers are to used as Assassins by our client from Deeside Defenders…

Now on to the next order!


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