Chaos Warriors… Step By Step – Stage 1 – Preparation

Good afternoon,

As promised I present to you my step by step guide to painting. Please realise that this is only my way of doing things, not the only way. Please feel free to use any of the techniques I show or in fact ignore all of them if you wish!

For this guide I will be using a set of 4 Chaos Warriors (Games Workshop) and it’ll hopefully give you a bit of an insight as to how I do things.

So, on we go…

Step One

I received these miniatures from my client. They had already been glued to bases etc and he always likes the bases fairly standard so I will not be messing about with them too much


As you can see they are all nice and clean but they will need a bit of tidying up. There are the clipping marks from where they have been removed from a sprue and a few mould lines to be rectified.

Step Two

Now I have taken my hobby knife to the Warriors and tidied them up a bit. As you can see the helmets are now smooth and the capes have been files around the edges to remove any remaining plastic from the sprue.

Also at this stage I have added the sand texture (regular modelling sand) to the bases. This was just a thin coat of white PVA glue painted over the top of the bases and then dipped in the sand.


Step Three

After the PVA has dried – I give my mini’s about an hour and then a blast with a hair dryer – they are ready for undercoating.

I have tried and tested many types of base coats and spray paint is the way forward. I do have an airbrush but the time consuming nature of set-up compared to a can swayed me into carrying on with the spray can.

Also. I have tried a few brands out to varying degrees of success  I’m currently using the Games Workshop own Chaos Black paint – it’s a fair bit more expensive than some others but it works great. I’m currently using Humbrol Acrylic Spray for my white undercoat and that works a treat.

The ‘secret’ of a good undercoat is smoothness. It takes a while to get to know how much to spray, what distance to spray from etc but I practised on some old miniatures for while until I got it. I try to avoid spraying during damp weather (my spray booth is in the garage) or when it’s super hot (not really a big consideration here in the UK!).

I spray from about 20cm away and use short bursts of spray. I start depressing the can about 5cm to the left or right of the intended model and keep my finger depressed as I move it over the model, finishing the spray about 5cm to the other side. This gives me a nice even coverage.


Anyway, that is all for today. Hopefully I can get more of this up over the next week

Thanks for reading



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