New order…

Good afternoon viewers!

Well after a successful completion of the Corpse Cart and Goblin Wolf Chariot I was given the following for the next order… A rather weird and varied selection I’m sure you’ll agree but variety is the spice of life after all!

So first up, a selection of Chaos Warriors. Three are the standard Games Workshop Chaos Warriors (a miniature that I have wanted to paint for a long while) and the fourth is a *ahem* remodel that the client picked up from Kiev! The mould seems ok, maybe not as crisp as it could be but it should paint fine.

Next up is a group of adventurers, I believe these will be partaking in some serious D+D in the near future


And I believe that the same goes for this knight…


And just for good measure the client also gave me an orc…

and a dragon headed martial artist to keep me on my toes.


Well, that is what will be keeping me busy over the next few weeks.

Looking forward to the Chaos Warriors especially. I might do a stage by stage with them, give you all a bit of an insight as to how I paint. Not the only way, just my way!

Thanks for reading





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