Chaos Warriors… Step By Step – Stage 2 – Basecoats

Good evening,

As promised, this is the second part of my step by step guide for my techniques of painting. And we now continue to basecoating.

I believe that the key to this stage is neatness. If the paint goes on in the smoothest possible way and in the right areas at this stage it will save a great many headaches as we progress. This stage is probably the least creative (bar the spraying of undercoat) but if you put the time into this the result will come quicker in the end.

Firstly I make a decision on a colour palette for my miniatures. For these Chaos Warriors the client really wanted a ‘gritty/murky’ feel. Lots of beaten armour as befitting a warrior of the Chaos Gods. To contrast with all of the dull armour I chose a lighter shade of brown for the leather boots and gloves. As a further eyes catching point I decided to paint the capes that they are all wearing a dark purple.

So with the basic colours chosen it is a case of ‘painting within the lines’. Of course, you can always go back and touch up (and for the first time painter, including me, this is a regular part of my painting). Using a ‘regular’ sized brush (I use an Army Painter ‘Regiment’ brush) I block in the main colours, taking care around where the colours butt up against each other. It is important to make sure that the last layer of paint is dry before progressing on to the next one (I give a quick blast of the trusty hair dryer to speed the process up but air drying is fine).

Lets take a look…




Now, as you can see the basic colours can look very flat, this WILL be rectified later.


For my paints I use the Games Workshop brand. I find these very suitable for this type of work – especially the new blends that they have just released. I use the ‘Foundation’ and ‘Base’ paints heavily, I haven’t found another paint that will cover a black undercoat as well – especially the metallics.

For these miniatures I used –

Leather – GW Foundation Calthan Brown
Brown Fur – GW Foundation Calthan Brown
Grey Fur – GW Foundation Adeptus Battlegrey
Horns/Skulls – GW Foundation Dheneb Stone
Purple cloak – GW Foundation Hormagaunt Purple
Iron armour – GW Base Leadbelcher
Base – GW Foundation Adeptus Battlegrey

As I said before, it is important at this stage to be as neat as possible, time spent here will save time later on touch-ups etc.

Well that is all for basecoating. Next the fun begins… washing!

Thanks for reading



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