Chaos Warriors… Step By Step – Stage 3 – Washing

Good evening,

Stage three of my step by step guide to painting and tonight it is the turn of washing.

Washing to me was something that came relatively late into my painting arsenal, now I couldn’t do without it. It’s really the only way that I use to shade my mini’s. They are also good for ‘dulling down’ an overpowering colour – especially metallics.

So carrying on from my previous post, here are the Chaos Warriors with a first pass of washes


As you can see, the Games Workshop washes are very good at getting in all of the nooks and crannies. You don’t really need to be too careful at this stage, slopping it on a bit heavier than you think does not have a detrimental effect. Although taking a dry brush to a puddled area is sometimes a good idea.

The washes take a little longer to dry and they are always taken place at the end of a painting session.


For these washes I used…

Armour – Badab Black/Nuln Oil GW Washes/Shade
Brown Fur and Leather – Devlan Mud GW Wash
Capes – Leviathan Purple GW Wash

Those were all of the washes used on these models. Its a simple step, but a great improvement on having to use a mix of the basecolour and increasingly lighter shades. And it only takes minutes. Obviously the hairdryer comes in useful at this stage as the washes really can’t be put on when there is a wet wash on the mini already.

Ok, so, the next stage is the ‘polishing’ bit. All of those paints that we have in our drawers and racks come into use – as we tackle paint and layering.

Thanks for reading



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