Chaos Warriors… Step By Step – Stage 4 – Paints and Layering

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Now, we will move on to the – what I think – really creative part of the miniatures painting process… painting and layering.

I see this as really the ‘polishing’ of the miniatures, if you really wanted you could really use the previous stage models to at least game with. But the following process will really give so ‘pop’ to these Chaos Warriors.

So to start with I went with the armour, seen as it was a drybrushing stage I try to get these out of the way first in case of a stray bristle leaving a mark on other areas. Dipping a GW small drybrush into GW’s Runefang Steel and then wiping off the excess I then gently stroked the brush over the armour areas. This leaves the smallest trace of the lighter pain on the raised areas of the miniature. Repeat this until you have built up enough layers that you are happy with.

Then I moved on the the capes. As I saw these as the most labour intensive – being fabric – I wanted to get a good start on them. Plus as they were tucked away at the back of the miniature there was no real danger of over painting.

Starting with a mix of GW Chaos Black and GW Liche Purple – mixture ratios are available if you are that way inclined – I over painted the washed capes, leaving only the smallest amount of the darker colour showing. I carried on with this, leaving bigger and bigger amounts of the darker colours. I worked through GW Liche Purple, through GW Xereus Purple and finally GW Genestealer Purple. A very small amount of GW Skull White was used in the final highlight too.


This stage it to give the impression of a ‘3D’ element to the miniature. I always think about the flow of light over the miniature and how it will fall – especially over fabric.

After this is was a case of picking out the incidental stuff – the horns (Dheneb Stone Foundation washed with Devlan Mud), boots (Highlighted with a mix Calthan Brown and Bleached Bone then re-washed with Devlan Mud). After this I tackled the fur over the shoulders of the Warriors. The brown was drybrushed with – in order – Calthan Brown/Dheneb Stone/Dheneb Stone and Skull White) and the grey fur was  – Codex Grey/Fortress Grey/ Fortress Grey and a touch of Space Wolves Grey.

That’s it! Now just the base to go and we are done!

Thanks for reading



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