Chaos Warriors… Step By Step – Stage 5 – Basing

Finally, the last of the Step By Step guide to the way that I paint.

Now we move on to the final step… Basing.

I love basing, it’s the last job on a miniature (for me at least) and it adds a hint of realism to your miniatures as soon as the grass goes on. A good base seems to bring all of the painting together right at the end.

The client had asked for fairly standard bases for these miniatures but normally I would try to do something a bit special – building something out of cork or plasticard/foarmboard. Adding battlefield detritus or rock formations is always a good idea for commanders and leaders of armies in my opinion. Like this…

But as these Chaos Warriors are to be kept ‘standard’ I used my normal basecoat of GW Adeptus Battlegrey as seen in the Basecoating stage of this guide.

I followed this with a drybrush of GW Codex Grey and then GW Fortress Grey. This was followed by a fairly heavy dry brush of GW Space Wolves Grey. I sometimes use GW Skull White for this but it can occsionally be a bit stark depending on the miniature.

Once this had dried I broke out the flock. I paint patches of Humbrol Liquid Poly on to the base. I know that some painters use different bonding agents for this stage but simple Liquid Poly has never let me down. And We all have a jar of it sitting somewhere!

After the glue is on it is a simple case of dipping it in a tub of grass. I like to use this brighter green for these miniatures – it contrasts with the grey ground quite well – but there is a vast range out there should you wish to use something different.

After this stage a quick couple of coats of GW Calthan Brown around the edge of the base (I do two or three coats to avoid brushmarks) and they are done!

And here they are, complete!

And that is it!

All done. I hope you enjoyed this little guide





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