A brief update on the goings-on of the Fyremane…

Good evening all!

Well, I know I start all of these posts with the same sentence but ‘it has been a while’.

The painting has been going on in between preparing to move house, full-time job and various other projects. It’s been a lot of different styles, customers and gaming systems.

So without further ado…

Firstly, some of my own collection… some Chaos Cultists. These fella’s have been set at the back of my desk for quite some time and I decided, after painting everyone else’s, it was about time I did my own!

These have been painted in the colours of the up-and-coming Chaos Space Marine force I will be getting up to speed with once I move and set my desk back up again. I quite like the idea that my CSM’s will have JUST  turned from the light of the Emperor. Their armour is still – for the most part, intact and well cared for. But there is the odd abomination amongst them and – as always – various cultist hangers-on.






Next up… An Ogre Shaman. I enjoyed this one, the sculpt is particularly good and the scale (being just over roughly 80mm tall) lends itself to some deep shadows and lighter highlights.

Ogre Shaman


And a squig hopper that I also found at the back of the drawer. This is an old miniature, I think I bought this about 15 years ago!



And finally, a group of knights. Fairly easy these, a foundation base of Leadbelcher with Mephiston Red ‘bits’.








Anyway, that’s the lot for now.

I’ve got a Hellbrute, a Deamon Prince, Warp Talons, a Chaos Space Marine squad and even a CSM biker!

Thanks for looking



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