Terminators! Knuckle-dusters! Massive Guns!

Good afternoon followers!

Again, another long break from updating the blog… but we are now all moved in and the miniature painting desk is now up and running and churning out miniatures.

While I am awaiting an order to come in I’ve actually had a chance to paint some of my own miniatures again!

So without further ado…

Terminators… Renegade Terminators to be precise. Renegade Terminators from my own Chapter to be even more precise.

These aren’t true ‘Chaos’ Marines. This Chapter, The Angels of the Severed Hand have left the Imperium only recently. Hence they still have many of the newer marks of armour and still have ‘Imperial’ stuff over them. Purity seals, scratched aquillas and battle damaged armour.


This originally started life as a ‘regular’ Imperial Space Marines with a few bitz added. Space Wolf heads, parts of Dark Angel kits and even an Iron Halo knuckle-duster!

Hope you like them!

photo (10)

photo (2)

photo (3)

photo (9)   photo (8)

photo (5)

Thanks for looking!



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