Orders finished! Two for one!

In a mad flourish of creativity and productivity two orders become complete in quick succession! That almost never happens!

So, firstly…

A group of Warg Hunters and a pack of Wild Wargs from the Games Workshop ‘The Hobbit’ range.


These were pretty fun to paint, I like the fur textures on these newer GW models, their sculptors really hit on something.





There was also these… also from GW’s ‘The Hobbit’ I think…


And that’s not all! There were these for a different client as well…

ImageA Lion Warrior

ImageA Dark Elf Assassin

ImageA Captain

ImageA Ninja

ImageAnother Assassin

ImageA Warrior Maiden

ImageAnother Ninja

ImageA Wizard

And that is all… hopefully the next update will be a lot sooner than this one. I have a desk full of metal miniatures and not a lot of time!

Thanks for looking!



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