Ch…Ch…Ch… Changes!

Well good afternoon Followers,

As the title may suggest there are changes afoot. As you may or may not have noticed this page is now and shall remain so. Its a move I’ve made to make sure that I keep updating and uploading… no point paying for something that you don’t use!

After the initial terrifying nature of having a new child in the house we have calmed down and a ‘normal’ life has once again settled over the Fyremane household… I’ve even managed to get some brush work in!

So, as an update…


Deamon Prince for my own Chaos Space Marine Army


An Ork Warrior


Dwarven Warrior


First foray into airbrushing – A Skeleton




IMG_3263 IMG_3260

I’ve also managed to get my airbrush up and running again and so will update as soon as I have finished a rather large demon that is currently on the desk.

Anyway, that is all for now. Thanks for looking!




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