First foray into airbrushing…

Good morning followers,

So having dug out the airbrush that I bought about two years ago and bought a ridiculous amount of paint for it I’ve finally finished the first fully airbrushed mini.

It’s a big demon, Hasslefree I believe called Bugharoth. One of my regular customers came to me with a big bag of metal and told me to go nuts!

Overall I’m happy, still a bit rough around the edges and a bit too much clean up with the brush afterwards for my liking but I think it’s a solid foundation to build on. Obviously any comments are welcome… tips as well!

There are things that I’d do differently having learnt a few things…

  • Work from light to dark.
  • Keep the airbrush in top order.
  • Clean regularly.
  • Open a window.
  • Online tutorials are your friend (especially

Anyway, any thoughts let me know

Thanks for reading



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