Chaos… chaos everywhere…

So as the title may suggest I’ve mainly been concerning myself with the minions of the Warp recently.

I’ve placed the GW Hunter Orcs from Lord of the Rings to one side for the time being and concentrated on getting some of my own armies/miniatures somewhere near completion!

Having an entire cupboard to choose from I decided to start with the rank and file. Chaos Space Marines. Nothing to taxing I said to myself. Just paint them up and get them on the site. Then I found my bits box. Full of old Space Wolf heads, weapons and other assorted totems. Then I found some Dark Angel parts, some Khorne Berserker pieces that were just laying about AND one set of running Sanguinary Guard legs. It was a perfect storm of hobbying!

So after assembling five ‘standard’ tactical CSM they are now an ad-hoc veteran squad with banner and all sorts of other accoutrements.

I’ve broken out the airbrush to give them a nice graduated green colour for the power armour and have started blocking in the other basecoats.


Washes next and I’ll post them in all of their glory. Hopefully by the weekend!




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