New Chaos creation….

Hello followers,

Another weekend ends in a flurry of hobbying and finally the 5 man squad of Chaos Space Marines are complete.

Chaos Space Marine Squad

Chaos Space Marine Squad

These are a combination of a regular ol’ Chaos Space Marine squad and other bitz that we have floating about the studio. In no particular order some of the extras were…

  • A bannerpole from the Bloodletters kit
  • Heads and weapons from various Space Wolf squad sets
  • Spikey bits from the Chaos Vehicle sprue
  • Torsos from many ranges of Space Marines – both Chaos and Loyal
  • A set of legs from the Sanguinary Guard kit

This was the first time that I have used an airbrush to lay down the colour of the power armour on a marine squad. Its a tough thing to get right and I obviously have a long while to go before I’d call myself a ‘pro’ airbrusher but I can certainly see the advantages of it and will be using it again in the near future.

One of the main things that I’ve had to bear in mind is that if all of the armour is completed you CANNOT be more sure of your brushstrokes as if there is a mistake there is no way that you can colour match. A steady hand is very much needed.

I see these as a bit of a test piece and they are not perfect by any means but it is certainly all a learning curve. Next step would be to get to grips with oils washes to really bring out the details. I used the Citadel shades almost exclusively on these and, though great, oils would certainly give a richer finish.

So there you have it folks. Chaos Space Marines. They look cool but all of that metal trim is a pain to paint!

Next models… Dark Angels




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