Dark Angels – Dark Vengeance – Preperation

I received a copy of Dark Vengeance over a year ago and have finally got round to taking the wrapper off! In this tutorial I will show you how FBW prepares the miniatures for painting.

The first step for any model or kit is preparation – sometimes a step that either gets very little attention or none at all. There is nothing wrong with trying to get models on to the table as quickly as possible, snipping them from the sprue, attaching bases and a basic coat BUT we like to spend a little more time as if things are missed at this stage it is quite hard to rectify it later.


So, we remove the miniatures and parts from the sprue. A sharp pair of side cutters and an Xacto knife (or similar) are incredibly handy. And sharp so watch your fingers.

Mounting and pinning

Because these Dark Angels are to be airbrushed for base coats etc I am mounting each major part on to cork. I’ve kept each miniatures parts together on each cork for ease of assembly later and for uniformity of base coat and colouring. Sometimes when I have airbrushed separate pieces in the past there has been some slight colour deviation between parts (always learning!)

The main Space Marine bodies will be mounted to their bases eventually with the two pieces of 0.8mm wire that is coming out of their feet so a healthy dollop of super glue is applied before the wire is pushed in to the cork top. The back packs, bolters and other parts are drilled in a hidden area and a tiny amount of super glue is used to hold them in place just enough that they don’t move but not too much that I cant get them off again! (I’ve lost a few parts to that in the past!)

This process was carried out for the entire ten man squad including the Sergeant, the plasma gunner and the heavy plasma gunner (Who’s entire right arm was mounted separately)


As you can see from the pictures I have also pre-prepared the bases that the Dark Angels are going to be mounted on. I’ve used a fairly smple technique using regular cork tiles ripped into smaller pieces and mounted to look like stone/tarmac. I then ‘flocked’ the bases with PVA and sand to cover the black base where you could see it. I’m planning on keeping the bases fairly arid/yellow and blasted to contrast with the dark green of the Marines.


So that’s it for now… next step – Airbrushing base coats




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