The Dark Angels cometh…

Finally finished! The Tactical Squad from Dark Vengeance (and the rest of the models from Dark Vengeance) are, for models that come with a game, excellent quality. Sure, they’re not as 100% crisp as other sets but for ‘starter’ miniatures they’re really good.

So, after undercoating and base coating with the airbrush – a mix of Vallejo Light Grey, Black and White – I then started on the greens, working from light to dark.


After this it was a ‘simple’ case of filling in the blanks! The green ended up being ‘too green’ so I applied a wash of Coelia Camoshade over the models, concentrating on the recesses. I then highlighted up to Moot Green. The final spot highlight of Moot Green and Ceramite White was then applied (apologies, no WIP pics).

Then the rest of the miniatures were completed while trying not to keep paint of the completed armour. Might seem a round about way to do it but it suits me!







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