The orcish hordes…

Greetings followers,

After the furore of the end of the year – Christmas, New Year and getting back into the ‘day job’ I’ve finally been able to get back to these Lord of the Rings orcs that seem to have been staring at me from the back of the desk for months now.

The client had a very definite view on how beaten up they looked and how ‘real’ – i.e. the cloth needed to be leather or dyed red etc. These are companion order to the Warg Riders that I completed a few months back…

IMG_3246These LOTR Orcs are both good and not so good to paint, in my opinion. Firstly, there is 12 in a box… I am NOT a massive fan of horde armies and would prefer to concentrate on a single figure or a smaller squad. Secondly, the detail on these mini’s, while in parts great, sometimes let them down. There is not enough distinction between certain areas – especially cloth into skin etc. BUT we got there in the end and hopefully the client will be happy!

See for yourself…

Thanks for looking




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