It arrived! Prepare yourself for torn flesh!

Well the slightly miffed postman dropped this beauty off this morning 

and it took me a while to realise what it was. Then the postage label from Canada brought it all screaming back.

A few weeks ago I was checking out‘s YouTube channel and noticed a ‘want to paint for’ type statement. Having clicked on it I watched Matthew from MWG explaining how they are always on the look out for painters to paint their armies that they use in battle reports etc. Needless to say I fired of a mail to a link to fyremane brushworks to see what happened. 

As you can tell they accepted my offer and sent me some stuff…

Namely, a box containing two battle force boxes. But this wasn’t what we talked about in our back and forth emails…?

Here it all is. Busyness solidified! Altogether it amounts to 20 Tactical Marines, 10 Assault. 15 Terminators and a Death Company squad! All to do and send back to Welland, Ontario in a few weeks. 


And all in the colours of the mighty Flesh Tearers! Edit 

There might also be a sneaky surprise if time allows!

Stay tuned for regular updates and progress!




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