Flesh Tearers – Day 1

So… Hitting the ground running.

Day one sees the first of the MWG order being put together. And first up is the 3 combat squads of terminators, 15 in all. As the brief was ‘as long as they are Flesh Tearers you can do what you want’ I’ve decided on load outs already for these. Each combat squad is going to have a heavy weapon – assault cannon, heavy flamer and cyclone missile launcher. Plus every chain fist that feature in the sets – I figure being Flesh Tearers they want to see some torn flesh!

But before all of that – basing. I’m sticking with cork basing for two reasons. 1) this is what the guys at MWG have seen the most of and liked and 2) it so easy and effective to use. So, having started putting bits and pieces together this is where I started…


Which carried on until they were all done…


As these are going to be gamed with I didn’t want them to be to ostentatious or tall.

In case anyone cares – the base at the top left has two white pieces of plasticard where the feet of a terminator will stand. This raises the mini fractionally so that it looks like he is standing on the sand instead of in it. 

Add a little glue through a needle nosed bottle, add the sand and… done…


Think I’ll be sticking to a muddy basing scheme to contrast with the red and black of the Tearers… But that is a way off yet!

Check back for updates soon!!!

Thanks for reading




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