Flesh Tearers – Day 3

A small flurry of activity this evening centering directly on the Terminator bases. Having this as a solid starting point…


… I carried on with the ‘sandy/dusty’ theme. I had already decided on this theme as a) I had used something similar on my Dark Angels and it was very effective and b) like the Dark Angels the Flesh Tearers will have dark armour and these should contrast nicely. Plus the grasses etc will have a point of interest that falls into the ‘red’ spectrum – more on that in a while!

So, firstly taking the solid start I then drybrushed. I started with GWs Dheneb Stone but it wasn’t quite high enough on the contrast so I moved to Terminatus Stone, once again from GW. Going to this bright dry brush really enhances the dusty feel to the bases.


I also took it one step further and touched some of the highest points with Skull White. 

After that it was a simple coat of Khemri Brown to neaten up the edges.


And now… Grass! I’m imagining some sort of ravine that the Marines are stalking through so there is vegetation but not much. I’m really wanting the Tearers’ red armour to pop against the wasteland!

Again, massive thanks to Tajima1 on eBay for their great grasses. Easy to use and remarkably good value too. Follow the link to get your own.


And here they are… Terminator bases done…



Now I just need to get busy with these guys!


And that’s exactly what I will be doing in the next post. Glueing, pinning and possible airbrushing. 

Also, honourable mention to Ruins of Arotha for the likes on the previous posts! Good to know someone is out there!

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Thanks for watching!




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