Flesh Tearers – Day 4

Build, build and build some more!

Finally, the first 5 Terminators are built, pinned and ready for paint.

A couple of people have asked me why I do it this way – pinning them like this…


… Firstly, I’m not that fond of fiddly masking and I find it easier to fit the pre-painted pieces together than using something like Maskol or similar. You have to be a touch more careful to avoid scratches etc but it’s worth it in the end. Also, you can highlight and shade individual pieces without worrying about overspray, then bring it all together with glazes etc on the final build.

It does take a while to pin all the pieces to the corks etc but I believe that you make your time back in the speed of the first layers of paint. 

Also, a quick conversion to the Sergeant’s power sword. I took off the standard one and replaced with one from the Death Company sprue. Simple!


Anyway, that’s the Assault Cannon squad built. The Heavy Flamer and Cyclone Launcher squads are coming next. Then it’s to the airbrush booth for paint on all of them so they match!

Thanks for stopping by




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