Flesh Tearers – Day 6

Bit of a non hobby day today :-/

Between rushing a pregnant wife to hospital (she’s fine) and a late finish in work (that’s not so fine) the Terminators are feeling neglected!

BUT there was a small victory in the stock levels at Fyremane Brushworks. Over the last few days I’ve been feverishly hitting eBay hard to stock up on brushes, a new set of wet palette papers and some fine sand (and fine it is too). 

I also received these in the mail…


I’ve done some research… Printing my own decals seems the way forward for the Flesh Tearers – I don’t really fancy free handing all of those chapter symbols!

Now, I’ve never done this or used these products before so if anyone sees any glaring faults let me know in the comments section. I did however find this tutorial which breaks it all down. A bit of practise and then we’ll get to the Tearers!

I just need to get hold of some clear acrylic spray and we can get cracking on printing some off. I’ve also purchased some clear backed and white backed decal paper to see how they both work out.

Anyway, as I say, quiet day at the office/man room!

Check back tomorrow for more




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