Flesh Tearers – Day 7

Good morning boys and girls! Well standing proud on my painting table are a full 15 Terminators ready for paint. Finally. And hopefully that paint will hit the models later on today.

There a three ‘combat squads’ of 5 Terminators which can combine into a 10 man squad depending on loadout needed. There’s a Heavy Flamer, Assault Cannon and a Cyclone Missile Launcher plus 3 Sergeants with a banner pole, Iron Halo or a Imperial Eagle.

So, having gone out and stocked up on ‘white Tac’ – unbranded and uncoloured Blu-Tac I believe! – I dug out some old paint pots for mounting (must buy more corks!).


And cut the wires and drilled the feet…



Glued wire to plastic…


And pushed one into the other!…

Then the ‘simple’ case of putting all of the bodies and weapon options together with a bunch of plastic glue!


I cannot wait to get some red on these! Tomorrow is gonna be a busy day on the airbrush. 

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