Flesh Tearers – Day 8

Yes…. Paint!

After an up and down kind of week where hobbying fell a little by the wayside we finally have paint on models! The Tearers are coming…

All of the following was completed with Vallejo Primers and the Model Air colour range.

Now, I am NOT a professional airbrush artist and I probably make all sorts of mistakes but it’s all about the results. I like how they turn out so I’ll continue to do it my way!

I kind of use a reverse highlighting type of deal. I start shooting paint from the top down to judge the highlights right away. I used VMA Orange for starters.


Then a ‘fill in’ layer with the mid-tone… In this case Fire Red.


Because I blend a little over the top the Orange is still visible slightly and provides an instant highlight. As long as I’m careful the effect is immediate and quite satisfactory.


The next step is the bit that makes them pop a little more. I loaded up the airbrush with VMA Mahogany and very carefully sprayed a small amount on the recessed areas – concentrating on the underarms, feet/ankles, back exhausts etc. I need to be extremely careful at this stage as the dark brown can over power the red and bring the miniatures away from the Flesh Tearers colours. 


And that’s the armour done. BUT these are still works in progress, as you can see they are still a little orangey. There will be glazes and washes in the near future to tie it all together.

Also, the heads and shoulder guards were also base coated with VMA German Grey and Black


Again there will be washes to take the grey down a notch.

Exciting stuff!

Any comments? Please leave them below


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