Flesh Tearers – Day 9

And now the fun begins…

Here we go then, 15 Terminators, a lot of paint and a deadline. Then the rest of the army!

I do love this bit of the process. After the base coats and airbrushing is done. Everything is shiny and smooth. But… The 40k universe is NOT shiny and smooth is it? It’s dirty. And grimy. And ever so slightly icky. It probably smells really bad too.

So having taken my shiny and sparkly Terminators…


…it’s time to ‘Warhammer’ them.

I know there are people out there, incredibly talented people, that can bring a shine to a suit of power armour that amazes me. I, on the other hand, like the ‘grimdark’. 

I also like the fact that, at least with my style of painting, you have to make them look worse to make them look better so until the final highlights go on you only have a hazy ‘minds eye’ view of what they will look like. That’s part of the fun though isn’t it folks!

For these Flesh Tearers I will be taking a slightly different route to many I have seen. A lot of Tearers’ have a slightly more maroon shade of red for their armour. I will be sticking to a more blood red type, these are after all Blood Angel successors.

I’m starting with a five man squad of Termies 1) to test the colours and 2) if it all goes horribly wrong it won’t take much to bring 5 men back to base coats.

Firstly I washed them. I have them a very careful wash of Reikland Fleshshade (I think, the label has fallen of the pot!) from GW. I know there have been a lot of people who don’t like these washes but I’m not one of them. I do however think they are less forgiving than the previous ones and are prone to ‘pooling’ if not applied carefully. I try not to slop it on too much but place drops and manipulate them into the crevasses that need it. Unfortunately I didn’t take photo of this stage… I’m currently suffering from Manthrax/Man Flu and it slipped my drug addled mind (but I don’t complain). This brought the shine right down and took a bit of the ‘orange’ out of the base coats. After this had dried I started applying the base coats for the different parts. Abaddon Black, Eakarth Flesh and Averland Sunset featured heavily.

I’ve decided to do hazard stripes on the chainfists – I always thought it was a bit strange to advertise the ‘hazard’ part of a chainfist but it does look cool – and so started with the light colour first.



Anyway, as I said, I’m currently battling a sickness that is seeping into my bones (a common cold) and each sneeze threatens to ruin carefully placed layers of paint. So although a great deal was not completed tonight once recovery is imminent there will be more!

Thanks for watching!

S@FBW *sniff*


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