Flesh Tearers – Day 10

the blocking in of base colours is complete! For the most part anyway… As you can see the standard still needs some paint (I’m waiting for the transfers to see if I can do something with them first).

Overall, this stage always bums me out a bit. Everything always looks a little bit drab and dull BUT this means when all of the highlights and contrasting bits and pieces go on there  it really makes them pop. 


So, now the fun begins. The delicate layering of those aforementioned highlights. 

I’ve decided to layer up Stegadon Scale on the bolters. I much prefer highlighting the dark greeny blue than straighforward black. Plus with the helmets and shoulder guards being black it’d be nice to have another colour!


Standard Leadbelcher base colour for the metallics BUT I did add some old Citadel Blue Ink to the mix to liven it up a bit. 

So next time… 1) Washing those base colours 2) line highlighting the armour 3) helmets and shoulder guards and 4) hazard markings!



Busy times ahead but I’m enjoying bringing the Tearers’ together!

Thanks for dropping by



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