Flesh Tearers – Day 11

Heads on miniatures!

Now, finally… After much fanagaling (yes, it’s a word… probably) the Terminator heads are resting on their shoulders!


I decided to keep the heads off while the armour was completed. Now that’s done – I’m deciding on whether a glaze is needed or not – but I want to highlight all of the black areas together. Hence the heads in situ.

Also completed today…

  • Washes to the bone areas. 
  • Another coat of yellow on the chainfists (I hate painting yellow! SO many layers)
  • Washes to weapons
  • The armour highlights

Quite chuffed with the armour. It’s a fast and dirty way of doing NMM. start with a base colour – in this case Wild Rider Red and add more yellow and only apply to the edges of armour plates. As you go add more yellow but only apply this to the tops of plates. Then add some white but only spot this in the very corners of the plates. As there a LOT more marines to paint this will be used across all of them for expediency.


Next time… It’s time to finish these off. Highlighting the blacks especially. And the bases. Remember the bases?!

Thanks for looking!



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