Flesh Tearers – Day 12

We’re soooooo close! Just… Couldn’t… Make… It. 

But I did make progress. And as long we do a bit each night we’re heading in the right direction!

So this is where we got to watchers


As you can see we finally have a meeting between bases and miniatures! I’m happy with how these contrast. The sand and the red is different enough not to encroach on each other. Happy times.





Other steps taken tonight include…

  • Bone areas highlighted
  •  Yellow areas washed with Seraphin Sepia in preparation for striping
  • Bolters highlighted
  • Black areas highlighted twice with Eshin Grey plus Skull White. Then washed with Nuln Oil to knock it back a bit
  • Eye lenses started
  • Purity seals started
  • Purity seal parchments started
  • And of course attaching to bases!

I love this part. The ‘run in’. Bringing it all together at the end. Must remember the shoulder pads!

Once these are done only another 10 Terminators then the rest of the Tactical and Assault Marines to do!

Busy times!

Thanks for stopping by!



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