Flesh Tearers – Day 14

Here we go again…!

And so, the intrepid painter once again picks us his weapon (brush) and heads in to the fray (under stairs cupboard that serves as painting central) to do battle with 10 more Flesh Tearer terminators.

Good night tonight. Almost a double shift as GoT got in the way last night (Jon Snow still know nothin’).

After having a think on how the first five went I’m trying to streamline my process to a) speed things up b) use the paints to my advantage and c) SPEED THINGS UP! Plus, I’m tackling all ten at once to improve consistency.

So tonight I managed to get all of the black areas and bone/parchment areas blocked in. I’ve decided on a dark grey base coat for the black areas (I now don’t like taking areas all the way to black in the first instance – it’s too time costly to try and highlight up) and I’ll darken it down to black-ish with washes. That should help speed things up a little. 

I’ve also mixed it up a bit regards extra black spot areas that I’ve picked out to break up the red a bit. While sticking to the Flesh Tearers scheme but throwing in a black power fist or knee pad etc just to add a bit of individualisation to each mini. 

So a lot more to come but I’m excited about getting these finished to move on to the next part of the project. 

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