Flesh Tearers – Day 18

Today is a momentous day. I do love finishing a squad!

If you’ve been reading for the last few weeks you’ll have seen the miniwargaming Flesh Tearers Terminators come together. It’s been a bit longer than I’d have liked but work, life, and heaps of other stuff seems to fight for your attention when you really want to get something done!

So here they are…


15 Terminators to tabletop standard – 2 Sergeant types, a Cyclone Missile launcher, Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer.

I’m going to be doing all of the transfers for all the mini’s at the same time at the end. Hence the lack of decals!

Overall I’m pleased with these guys – the Tearer colour scheme is lovely to work on. I didn’t keep to the black shoulders and helmets only like I’ve normally seen. I’ve picked out fingers, powerfists, arms on sergeants etc with the black to differentiate and add visual key points.

So, anyway – hope you like them. Comments always welcome. Now they reside on the shelf of heroes…

Now we start on the rest… 20 Tactical Marines are already working their way up the the table. Starting with bases…


Yup! And all before another baby comes along in 6-7 weeks!

Thanks for reading!




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