Flesh Tearers – 2.1 – Tactical Marines

Here we go again! After finishing Part 1 – The Terminators (which you can see here I’ve moved on to the bulk of the http://www.miniwargaming.com’s commission of Flesh Tearers… The Tactical Marines. Twenty of these altogether. AND I was also sent a couple of squads of Death Company too BUT the client does not want a DC included. So, I can use the DC bits on the tactical squads. The bits are obviously Blood Angels centric so I don’t want to go too BA. But there are a few parts that are just right for the using. 

So anyway, a quick update for a slow nights work. SOOOO many mould lines! Dunno if it’s just this set but this Tactical Squad seems to be full of them. So most of the night was scraping back lines and constructing a Sergeant. 

And also, all of the forty bases are prepped and awaiting paint…




More to follow!

Thanks for watching!




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