Flesh Tearers – 2.8 Tactical Squad

Well there we are… An horrendously busy weekend but the two 10 man Tactical Squads are now complete. Thank the Lord! And the Emperor… Obviously. 

 And that’s the whole bunch. 

It really was a mad scramble to get these done. Mrs Brushworks is very pregnant at the minute and in trying to clear the decks for the arrival of Fyremane Jr MKII.
The entire weekend was spent turning each miniature around in my hands looking for details! The parts I’ve used from the Death Company are FULL of gems and other little bits that seemingly creep up on you!


So now, there is only one more squad to do – the Assault Squad. All ready for paint. Let’s see if I can beat the baby deadline!

But for now the Tactical Marines reside in the ‘thank god these are finished’ shelf!

Thanks for reading



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