Flesh Tearers – Finale!

So, we got there in the end!

And not a moment too soon. The Tearers are now done and dusted. If I do any more a) my eyes will bleed and b) it’s going to round in circles and c) my new baby boy is coming home from hospital tomorrow!!!

So all in all… 15 Terminators, 20 Tactical Marines and 10 Assault Marines. A looooong slog towards the end (mainly because of family stuff and trying to rob time from one thing and another!) 

These are now awaiting decals and then wrapping and sending over to guys at miniwargaming.com for some batreps! 

Overall pretty pleased with how these turned out. I preferred to paint these in a ‘less polished’ way. I always saw the Blood Angels as the ‘pretty boys’ and the Flesh Tearers as a bit more rough and ready. 

Anyway, pictures… 






Hope you like. Thanks for everyone who follows me and reads all this stuff!!!

Go to www.miniwargaming.com in the future to see the Tearers in action. 




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