The busy-ness of the Brushworks… And a brutal Orc

I’ve been asked a few times over the last few weeks ‘what I’ve got on’ and how busy the Brushworks is right now.

You see, as I mentioned in a previous post, FBW has expanded by one more tiny person. A little boy arrived at the end of May and has been slowly eating us out of the house ever since. Therefore paternity leave kicked in and kind of rolled on for a little while due to a prolonged stay for Mrs Brushworks… She’s fine by the way.

While this was happening the orders kind of kept coming! So here they are… All of the orders I have on the ‘to do’ shelf!

Firstly, dog faced demons. Or Kobolds. From Otherworld Miniatures. These guys are nice. Really nice actually, the detail is great BUT soooooooo small! These are what are currently under the brush. Slowly chipping away but once I get a production line going they’ll fairly skip off the desk!

Then there are these…

…many many assault marines! After the order for MiniWarGaming – which can be seen here – I thought I might have a break from Space Marines. Not so! A friend of an old friend got in touch and sent these through for a fresh lick of paint. So that’s 30 Assault Marines from the Death Company of the Blood Angels. There are some few after market parts on these. A few of them are sporting Spartan-esque helmets that should be nice once painted up.

Also part of this order was a command squad – or ‘the icing on the cake’ as I call it. I’ve been wanting to paint Astorath the Grim for a while and this is a particularly good cast.

Plus there is a Corbulo and a bent-sworded Mephiston too! And a Chaplain that needs a touch of TLC on his weapon arm. Can’t wait to get to these fellas.

And so on to the last one…

A client I’ve had from the very beginning of FBW has been steadily feeding me fantasy miniatures – which feature heavily in the galleries – for a few years. He turns up every few months with a box of surprises. Here’s the latest lot…

Notable miniatures from this group include this brutish looking Orc…

And this annoyed looking dwarf…

And this…

As well as a selection of ghouls, wizards and gollums. The usual mixed bag but exciting too!
So that’s it, the paternity leave is becoming a distant memory and I need to get my legs back under the painting table under the stairs in the man room.

If the little nurgling ever gives me a chance 😉

Thanks for reading

May your brush remain pointy and your paints moist…



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