Marines… ASSEMBLE-y!

So, as mentioned in a previous post I have been contacted by a friend of an old school friend to work on a whole bunch of Space Marine goodness.

Now, I’ll come clean, I do love a Space Marine. Throughout my painting ‘career’ they were always the miniatures that I wanted to get my hands on. It started with the metal Deathwing Terminators in the early 90’s and hasn’t really stopped since – although the Deathwing Termies now look way more badass!

I received a big ol’ box full of goodies and laid them out, starting with the Blood Angel characters…


Corbulo, Mephiston, Astorath and an as-yet-unnamed Chaplain. All to be give a high level paint job. Yummy.

Then more started pouring out of the box…

Bray’arth Ashmantle the FW Salamanders Dreadnought, Vulkan He’stan the Chapter Master, 4 x Assasins, Commander Dante plus a whole bunch of the new Stormcast Eternals from Age of Sigmar that the client wants painted up as BA Death Company. More yummy.

Oh, and 30 or so ‘normal’ jetpack clad Death Company to round it all out.


So, busyness ensues! First assembly and basing and after the long running Kobold saga I spoiled myself by starting on the characters…

All of them are now standing proud on their new cork basing. Mephiston sword needed straightening out – thanks Finecast – as did Vulkan’s spear (which snapped, so a pin and Green Stuff required). The Chaplain was a bit of a kit bash to make him suitably BA-looking. And Bray’arth and Astorath? Well they’d look cool on any base in my opinion!

So there you go, a good start in my opinion. Now I’m going to get my sweaty little hands on the Eternals!

Oh, and as a cheeky little side project I managed to get this noble creature on a base finally…


Keep your pointy bits (your brush) pointy!




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