Eternally Cast in Storms… Or some such. 

Back to work with you. After some ‘new parent’ lack of sleep suckfest I’m back to work at the Brushworks.

The excitement has died down from the recent vid on MiniWarGaming. I’m sure you’ve probably all seen it by now. I’ve maybe mentioned it once or twice :-/ Some quote requests have been sent out so how busy that makes me we’ll have to see.

Anyway, Space Marine characters are based for the most part… Just. A little green stuff here and there to finish them up for paint.

And so now I move on to these slabs of grey plastic. Stormcast Eternals. As Death Company Terminators. Yes, sweet huh?

There is a lot of flat canvas to work on with these. Can’t wait.

They’re on the desk now being made up for airbrushing. My usual mounting on separate pots is currently on process so hopefully we’ll be putting paint to model sometime on the weekend or early next week.

Thanks folks



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