The Eternals march slowly onwards…


Well as the title may suggest the Stormcast Eternals that I am working on for a client are proceeding slowly. They are to be classed as Death Company Terminators in his army of Death Company power armoured Marines (there are 40 or so power armoured DC on the ‘to do’ shelf!).

Firstly, love these miniatures. I don’t know what happened in Nottingham but it appears that someone got their designing act together! Sure, they’re not as ‘Warhammer’ as they could have been, they ARE crazy huge and not a little ‘Space Marine-y’ but they are dynamic, wonderfully posed AND these are the ones out of the boxed set!

So here we go…

After some time under the airbrush – Based Black then gently highlighted with black/white mix in various shades of grey – to get the basic DC colours down I began to pick out the sections in other colours.

Leather for the ‘skirts’, dark pink/red for capes, loincloths and plumes, Pig Iron for the metallics etc etc. And that is where we are at the minute. Highlights next…

The bases are already complete and waiting for these guys to be mounted on them.

More incoming soon!




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