Assassins… ASSEMBLE-y

Evening all,

Well it’s been a slow night painting wise, just a few touch ups on the Death Company basecoat really and a further shading later on the two Salamanders BUT there has been some action at the assembly station.

Assassins. The sneaky lot.

40k assassins

One of each. An Eversor, Vindicare, Callidus and Culexus. The gangs all here. 3 resin – not too many bendy weapons in this lot to be fair – and an old school metal one.

And also sneaking in more sneakily than the sneaky assassins… a Deathwatch Terminator. Seconded from the Ultramarines Chapter this is a bit of a play piece for a roleplay rather than a ‘proper’ wargaming figure so the pose and base is more imposing than ‘game-y’!

Deathwatch Terminator

And also, a rather exciting development…

The next order starts to come into the Brushworks.

A sneaky peak…


Subtle right… the Eldar are coming….

More tomorrow




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