That’s all folks!

With the completion of this fella…


…the current order is now complete! A load of Blood Angels and a couple of Salamanders. It’s been fun this project. I haven’t painted this many Space Marines since the MiniWarGaming order for Flesh Tearers.

Highlights include…

The Librarian Dreadnought – The blue and the red contrasts amazingly. Plus he looks a little bit like Iron Man with his gold face!

Three squads of Death Company – yes, I know I have complained about painting black power armour over and over again BUT they do look pretty impressive all lined up!

The Assassins – 40k assassins in non 40k assassin get up. A Eversor in Deathstrokes clothes? A Vindicare dressed up as Deadpool? And a Calledus dressed as the Bride from Kill Bill. Nice little diversion from all the super human power armoured behemoths!

I could go on and on… the Sanguinary Guard, Bray’arth Ashmantle, the entire Command Squad of Blood Angels including Mephiston, Carbulo et all.

Tell you what, take a look in the gallery below for all of them!

Thanks for sticking around! Hope you like them. Comments below if you wish

Thanks again




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