The Brushworks worships the bloody-handed God…

Its no secret… the Brushworks has mainly been concerned with followers of the God-Emperor. The Corpse-Gods minions – Space Marines especially – fall regularly under my brush. Plus, who DOESN’T love those metres tall super soldier ‘eat my chainsword’ types?

So it’s a bit of a change here at the Brushworks. Instead of concerning myself with the bluster, the shock and awe, the down right noise of the Imperium I now step along a more refined path. A path that has been followed since before the birth of the hated Mon-Keigh. The Path of the artisan. The painter. A being concerned with aesthetics, palette and form. I am now (for at least the near future) an Eldar convert.

Here it is… in all of its high opinion, ‘look down their nose at everything else in the universe’ glory.


An Eldar army. An army that is highly mobile, highly capable and highly strung!

I’m actually really looking forward to this. Bar the Imperial Guard/Adeptus whatever-me-bobs I think the Eldar are the race that I’d choose to paint if I didn’t have so many damn Space Marines to get through in my personal projects!

I’m looking forward to a completely different colour selection, the freedom of a random craftworld (guided by the client of course) instead of the hard and fast rules of a Chapter. I’m also looking forward to assembly – I’ve been GW modelling for YEARS and I think I’ve only put together some of the old Eldar Fire Dragons in all that time. I used to be scared of painting Eldar. The smoothness of their armour and my previous inability to lay smooth layers down made me not want to buy into them. I’m looking forward to what my airbrush can do on all of those smooth surfaces. And freehand, there might be freehand. And maybe a stencil or two?

So altogether this mighty warhost consists of…

2 Farseer Skyrunners
15 Windriders
4 D-Cannon platforms with Crew
6 Hornets from Forgeworld
10 Warpspiders
5 Wraithguard
2 Hemlock Wraithfighters
1 Wraithknight

Plus some Dark Eldar cousins – an Archon and some Kabalite Warriors – to spice things up.

I know… a Wraithknight… I’ve waited a LONG time for that to come round.

Oh, and they are all to be mounted on MicroArtStudio resin bases 🙂

So, dear watchers, followers and random passers-by, wish me luck. I’ve never been on a Craftworld before. Lets see what we can see. This’ll show those power armoured freaks what’s what.



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