At long last!

Good evening boys and girls,

Firstly, apologies… I have been absent from my own pages for far too long and there is much to discuss. Alas, both of my younglings have been under the weather and therefore the ‘hobbyist’ stepped back for a few days while ‘dad’ helped clear up varying amounts of various bodily fluids. Ain’t kids grand 🙂

Anyway, I’m not sure I’ve even posted anything about the current ‘on the desk’ project. ‘Battleforce Space Elves’ or “Eldar” as they are more commonly known.

I am already surging forward (between bouts of the aforementioned fluids) with the army and have completed a fair few models already.

After agreeing a colour scheme in a few back and forth email with the client we settled on a dark blue, high contrast edge highlighting type of feel.

Once that was settled the work began on the Windriders… all 15 of them! See the gallery fro progression shots from bare plastic to completed.

After that the Wraithguard took a paint licking.

And now?

Well, I’ve just finished tidying up 15 Warp Spiders and began cleaning up 4 weapon platforms! Serious death to be dealt with these!

PLUS… the order expands… ANOTHER WRAITHKNIGHT!

Watch this space!






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