The Eldar are coming!

Well, hello there…

The Brushworks has fluctuated wildly between being busier than a fiddlers elbow and dead as a doornail (metaphors abound!). The wonder of childhood ailments has meant a bit of time over the last two weeks sitting by a hospital bed with my son. He’s fine now, a particularly nasty chest infection and bronchiolitis won’t keep him down! But this has kind of put the kibosh on the lights going on in the studio.

But all of that is finished with now, he’s on the mend and these miniatures won’t paint themselves!

With that in mind though I did decide to put a ‘home modelling kit’ together so that I can get some work done while on fatherhood duty. It worked out pretty well – An Archon, two Farseers on jetbikes and a squad of Kabalite Warriors were clipped, trimmed and glued on my daughters Ikea childrens table in the lounge!

I think I’ll continue the trend, building at home and using the studio time when I have it to concentrate on painting. I just need to double up on glue!

Once I eventually got into the studio things gathered pace. I managed to get some colour on the bases – the ones that I have anyway, I’ve ordered more for the expanding order! – and drybrushing completed them. Once these were done I dug the Wraithguard and Windriders off the shelf and mounted them up. I wanted to keep the bases quite light to contrast with the dark blue of the Eldar. From the feedback I’ve had so far it works nicely!

So, the Brushworks is coming back to full pace… just before Christmas throws a spanner in the works!

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