2016 – Resolutions and reviews

Good morning watcher/ettes,

Sooooo, seen as everyone else is doing it I thought I would do the expected ‘year in review’ type post.

So here goes…


I came out of 2014 feeling pretty low, I had lost my Dad during September of the previous year and it hit everyone really hard. I hadn’t painted anything for months. I don’t think it was a surprise to me when I scrolled back through my previous years posts and saw that the first post I made regarded getting my copy off the shelf – where it had langusihed for over a year – and built and painted a squad of Dark Angels. I think after everything that had happened I must have been looking for something familiar. Space Marines. Little did I know how many of those I’d be painting during the following 12 months!

Following the rocky start to the year it kind of semi-rocketed toward the middle and end.

I finished a commision for a longstanding customer of a load of fantasy D+D and old GW stuff. A palette cleanser between chapters. Literally as during the next month after completion I landed my biggest commision to date. Flesh Tearers. Flesh Tearers for MiniWarGaming.com over in Canada to be precise. You can see them in action here

And after that… their cousins the Blood Angels.

This was a client that got in touch with me through a friend of a mine from way back in high-school time. And he had a ‘few’ Blood Angels to paint. A cracking commission and we’ve promised to do some more stuff this year.

And in between all these projects the odd one off – Deathwatch Marine specifically…


And now, the Space Marines seem to have back off. The Eldar are ascendant! And they are going to keep me busy for a month or two yet.

2016 – The near future…

So my plans for this year?

More, more, more but with a caveat…

My wife is curently on maternity following the birth of our son but she goes back to work in February. This will mean a bit of a shuffle time wise. Plus I have to fit the Brushworks around a ‘proper job’. I do full time graphic design during the day and then FBW at night and weekends. A work day currently runs to about 14 hours… and I’m pretty tired! So, this new year I am vowing to space out orders enough to actually spend some time with my family!

But, this does not mean that the orders are not there to do. I’ve been approached again by MiniWarGaming, the guy who had the Blood Angels above also has a Salamanders force to paint up, the Eldar march on plus a whole bunch of fantasy stuff too.

Its an exciting, and busy, time.

One of my other vows is to actually find the time to paint my own models too. I have Betrayal at Calth, Execution Force, Space Hulk plus the remaining models from Dark Vengeance to paint! I am also really interested in a game called This is Not a Test by Worlds End Publishing – its a post apocalyptic movie in a game that looks awesome – Ash Barker at Guerrilla Miniature Games reviewed it here. I want to do some warbands and terrain and find an opponent to play this year! Also, I got my hands on a 52mm Space Marine to give a lick of paint to!

So basically this year I need to bend time to fit more in… simple!

Happy New Year my friends, here’s to a productive year!




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