The Eldar. New Window. And other stories…

Let’s get this out there… it’s been a busy month. The fallout after Christmas, getting back to work, sick children and many other varied ‘complaints’ have conspired to sometimes – not always – keep me away from the studio.

But, being the lucky, lucky SOB that I am, I can always (Mrs Fyremane permitting) get away and put bristle to miniature. Mostly. I work in a small studio (compared to some, massive compared to my last ‘under the stairs’ space) that is a part of my Ma’s garage. She very kindly partitioned off about a 3m by 2m space and built (well my brother did most of it) a studio for the Brushworks. Good times.

It was getting a bit chilly over Winter though so we’ve installed a new double glazed window to replace the tracing paper thin single glazed window that was there before. It took a couple of days out of studio time but my toasty self is willing to sacrifice the time 🙂

Anyway, miniatures.

Eldar. Still with the Eldar! BUT I can start to see the end of the order now. Now (as of the 01/02/16) I have completed all of the fiddly infantry and it is just vehicles – of varying scales – to go.

So what have I done this month… let me show you.

Firstly came the Dark Eldar. A pallete cleanser from the amount of blue I had been painting. Still fiddly and ‘delicate like a Space Marine isn’t’ but enjoyable non the less. I enjoyed the teals and reds, especially where they butted up against each other on helmets etc.

Then, following the Kabalites, there were two Archons. One standard and one altered using parts from the Kabalite kit. I like them both, full of character. But the guy with the whip seems a bit more ‘Dark Eldar-y’ to me.

After them a whole bunch of Warp Spiders, 15 to be precise. Chunky, closed posture AND resin. A challenge to say the least but I think they turned out nice.

Then a return to the blues. 5 more Wraithguard to go with the 5 I’d already completed last year.

And finally, as of yesterday, 2 Farseer Skyrunners. I wanted these guys to stand out from the ‘crowd’ of the 15 standard jetbikes that I had aready done so I gave them a split tone paint job. Again, I think it worked out pretty nicely!

Please do comment if you have a different view!

Anyway, that’s the lot for today. As I said all of the infantry is done so now it’s the ‘fun stuff’

3 Wraithknights, 6 Hornets, 2 Hemlock Writhfighters and a Vyper!

Almost there!

Thanks for reading




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