The Eldar wane, the Marines return…

Afternoon watchers,

What a ride! I’ve just had a ‘delivered’ message on the first phase of the large Eldar commission. It’s been a bit of a frantic run-in to the finish to say the least! The client needed these for a tournament so the pressure kind of ramped up over the last two weeks or so – late nights and tired eyes at the Brushworks!

But… it’s gone. And the client is incredibly happy with the result. He had this to say…

”…you really outdid yourself with this army, I’ve truly never seen such an astonishingly beautiful Eldar army in the flesh! You should be very pleased with yourself and I am a very happy customer.”

And if the customer is happy then we are VERY happy! The Eldar are taking part in a tournament down south so hopefully the paintjob is bullet/laser/boltershell proof!

Unfortunately it was missing two Wraithknights… the time constraints were too much for Bravo and Charlie to make it into the box. They will be following on in their own separate supply drop in the near future!

So, next on the paint table?

Well, the aforementioned Wraithknights need doing. 2 of them… but the Brushworks is well versed in these behemoths now! After these we’ll be getting our hands on an Autarch, a squad of Dark Reapers and 2 Warp Hunters from Forge World!

As the above are worked on we’ll also be directing our attention at some of the Emperors finest. The Blood Angels return! A load of tactical and assault marines, plus supporting Dreadnoughts x4! Plus some characters… the new Chaplain miniature and a Gabriel Seth! I’ve wanted to get my hands on Seth since doing the Flesh Tearers for MWG so I’m very happy he’s in the order.

Blood Angel Order

In and amongst all this stuff I still have a large scale Space Marine to do (I can feel some freehand coming on!) as well as a ‘regular’ Marine to do for games of Dark Heresy (although a duel Chainsword wielding Black Templar Deathwatch marine is anything but ‘regular’!)

And, as ever, I have a shelf full of fantasy/D+D style mini’s to do for the regulars! A couple of huge Minotaurs to do in these – looking forward to them! As I’m contemplating starting up Frostgrave (having got my hands on the rules recently) this will give me a nice palette cleanser from all the ‘grim far-future’ stuff and I can get some practise painting wizards again!

So, the Eldar are waning slowly, the Emperors’ forces gather once again and the wizards return!

Exciting and varied times! AND a happy customer to boot!

Keep your brushes pointy and your paint thin!



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