Eldar – Phase 2 done!

Well, the first part of the Eldar commission was sent and very well received… see here for info about that. But, that wasn’t the whole story.

There was a second part to the order.

These Eldar were an order from a tournament player from ‘down South’ and so had a very specific list, or lists, that he needed. I’ve never played in a tournament and don’t know the rules 100% but from the sound of it you have to be VERY specific on your list and WYSIWYG weapon loadouts etc are expected. Therefore there was a lot of weapon options on these mini’s. The Vyper had 6 or 7 guns to choose from. The Wraithknights were pretty much made in smaller parts held together by magnets (I’m actually pretty chuffed with how they came out – having never build one before!). So, this meant that constant communication was needed to make sure that the weapons were present and correct. This was a new way of working for me… normally I get free reign and make the models I build ‘look cool’.

So anyway, the second part of the order.

Firstly, there were two Wraithknights that technically were part of Phase 1 BUT due to many and different reasons – having never made the kit before, sick kids for what seem like weeks etc etc – they were not completed. So that was the first job – to complete Bravo and Charlie to go with their brother Alpha.

Building and painting 3 Wraithknights is quite the challenge. These things are BIG. With a LOT of flat surfaces. So breaking up the panels with the Anarchy Models hex kits – found here – I got to work. I wanted them to have a distinct look and hang together as a ‘squad’ but give them different bone parts to differentiate the three of them. As I mentioned these are all held together with magnets – the waist joint, the shoulders, the weapons and shoulder mounts are all removable. I also didn’t glue in the feet or the hands. The fit on the hands is so tight that you can pop them in and out as the client wants. The feet were unglued so that they can be aligned to the base (as its an uneven base they need a bit of ‘wiggle room’ to align). I used a great guide on Youtube for guidance

Then I moved on to the Warp Hunters. These things are also quite big! After cleaning up all the resin in the kitchen sink and straightening a few parts I put them together and got to work!

There was also some infantry! I had to break out my smaller brush!

Altogether an Autarch, some Guardians and a squad of Dark Reapers. To go from all the vehicles to foot soldiers was another leap!

Altogether it’s quite a bulky fighting force in it’s own right but added to the previous order it’s insane!

So that’s it. The last of the enigmatic aliens for now. It was a great project to work on. It had it’s own particular set of challenges – mainly around the fact that I’d never painted an Eldar model before and I had to get my head into a different place than Space Marines! I’m super pleased with how they came out. Hopefully the paint is bullet proof for the tournament playing client!

Thanks folks

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!




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