For Sangw… Sangiw… Sangwee… The Angel!

The Blood Angels return.

I am blessed as a commission painter, I have returning customers that I have built squads, battalions and entire armies for. The commission that is sitting on my desk right now is a return client and he loves a bit of Blood Angel action. Lets call him K.

K came to me last year off a recommendation and post tag by one of my old high school buddies – J – with a request to paint up some Blood Angels. I was happy to, there were a great many Death Company marines in the mix using the (semi) new kit and they looked awesome. This first part of our working relationship can be found here and K was very happy.

Then the Eldar came. They skulked out of the shadows and demanded a lovely paint job, who was I to refuse. So for six months I churned through a great deal of xenos, as you can see.

Now, K has remained in touch and has been chomping at the bit for some new brothers of the Blood Angels. Two squads of Tactical Marines, some Assault Marines, a scattering of Death Company, a ‘bulk’ of Dreadnoughts – 3 Furioso and 1 Death Company – plus the new Chaplain miniature AND a Gabriel Seth (just because). A fighting force to be reckoned with.

Blood Angel Order

After so much blue ink and diamonds on the Eldar it’s refreshing to break out the Bloody Red Vallejo and set to work. As it has been a while since doing anything ‘bright’ I’m starting with the Tactical Marines to ‘get my eye in’.

Working on 20 miniatures at once allows for speedy progress and also the repetition of doing things one after another brings my brush control back to the fore. There was a lot of airbrush on the Eldar so the bristled sticks took a slight back seat.

I, and K, are happy with the progress so far.

I can’t wait to see these romping across the table with their battle brothers – the Sanguinary Guard and mass of Death Company especially.

That’s all folks! Share, like and subscribe to keep up to date with this and any future orders. We love having you stop by 🙂

Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!




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