Time management… yawn… the Emperor cares not

Good afternoon watchers, followers, stalkers et al,

I’ve been in the thick of a bunch of orders recently and have not had the time to sit and think let alone get a post up that isn’t ‘order finished, on it’s way’ type affair. Well, with the Eldar delivered and a hazy memory of blue ink and tiny hexagons I’ve managed to get some hard musing time regarding the Brushworks, time and the future. I thought I’d give you a glimpse into the Brushworks that doesn’t involve work in progress shots or Twitter updates.

Like many people I paint and hobby in my ‘spare time’. Unlike a few commission painting studios out on the interwebs I’m not able to man the Brushworks full time, though I would love to. I also have two small nurglings at home that appear to want to spend time with me as much as possible (very needy indeed) and also a wife who’s eyebrows get higher and higher when I tell her I have to paint more as deadlines are approaching.

Firstly, I am not complaining. I am able to disappear to a purpose built studio (yes, I’m incredibly lucky) that resides away from my home and is quiet and productive. I realise that a great many people paint on various laps, kitchen tables and nooks and crannies.

I also have a ‘proper job’. I’m a graphic designer for a marketing firm by day and a paint flinger at night. Literally, night time is paint time. Because of various bath times and tea times I sometimes don’t get to sit at the desk until 9pm.

Currently my working week looks like this on a Monday, Tuesday and Friday…

0600/0630ish – Up and at ’em! As soon as the kids are up the house is up. New parents all know that lie ins are a thing of the past.

0700/0800 – Wrangle Weetabix into a two year old, shoes on feet of varying sizes and out the door

0830/1700 – Act professional, design graphics, don’t mention WH40K for fear of lynching

1730/1845ish – Play time with nurglings before bathtimes.

1900/1930 – Bathing two whirlwinds of energy and trying not to resort to shackles to keep them in bed

1930/2000 – Catch up with wife unit, mash tea into food hole, watch 10 minutes of programme that I never see the end of

2010 – Leave for studio

2025/0100 – Paint until eyes bleed

0115 – Home and bed

I have a evening off on a Wednesday where we catch up on the week and marvel at how little time we spend together!

Thursday is kind of a ‘floating day’ where I can either stay home and hobby on the kitchen table or if the wife is busy I can scoot to the studio.

Sunday is where I get the bulk of stuff done as I generally do a full day in the studio. This is ideal for prepping for the week, bulk airbrushing etc.

Generally, and going forward, I’m going to try and stick to the following timelines for my weeks.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Friday – Commission work – Working on orders that are ongoing until completion. Generally I manage about 4 hours a night. Enough to make some good solid progress on most projects.
  • Wednesday – Still keeping my day off
  • Thursday – Brushworks stuff – I think this will be the biggest change. I have A LOT of projects that I want to at least start, games to play and terrain to build. All things that I have been unable to ‘make time’ for. I’ve got a few Kickstarters that should be arriving later in the year and some are quite terrain heavy. All of this needs building. I also want to get into more skirmish games like Frostgrave and This is Not a Test, all of which need war-bands making. I think Thursday will be become a day that I can pick and choose to work or not work as it will be the Brushworks in-house stuff. Or I can get my buddies over for Space Hulk. Either Or. I’m thinking that terrain will become a big part of Thursdays hobby time and will be captured under a new heading – Fyremane Earthworks. I have dreams of modular terrain and kit bashing and gaming over fully realised game tables. Thursdays is when this will happen.
  • Sunday – Where possible this will remain a painting day. Obviously if we decide to day trip with the kids then the Brushworks will stay silent.

So that’s my plan, FBW is a big part of our lives now – its made it on to the budgeting spreadsheet etc – and I do have plans to expand eventually (and hopefully) but that’s a different tale.

So what about you? Do you have a set time to paint in? Do you have to juggle hundreds of other things before bristle hits miniature? I watch a lot of YouTube videos of other peoples set ups etc and I love being a part of this community. For me though preparation and scheduling is key… otherwise nothing would get done.

And my personal army of Dark Angels will continue to languish in the bottom drawer, unpainted and un-gamed with.

And that cannot happen, the Emperor cares not when the paint flows, just that it does.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom



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