Battlebrothers of the Angel take flight

Well my plan of at least two/three posts a month is off to a shaky start! I really do need a plan and apparently a calendar for my social media stuff… but more on that in later posts.

First big news is the Blood Angels are leaving the studio! Two tactical squads, one Assault squad, Death Company and a ‘bulk’ (I think that’s the plural of Dreadnoughts) of 3 Furioso Dreads and a Death Company one. This was an order for a returning customer who’s previous son’s of Sanguinius can be found here.

I love these miniatures. The detail, especially on the new Death Company mini’s, is so crisp its unreal. When there are ‘soft details’ on a miniature it really makes the painting process a lot harder. If there are details butted up against one another but there is a very definite line the brush stays where it is supposed to be! The new jump pack equipped Chaplain is also an excellent example of top-notch sculpting.

Anyway the client, Karl, has now moved on to White Scars so I’m not 100% I will see any of Baal’s finest on the desk for a while… Here’s the images!


Keep your paints thin and your brushes pointy!



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