Relicblade by Metal King Studio…

…and why I’m excited about it.

So, I’ve mentioned this a lot in my Twitter feed and Facebook page recently but I’ve finally received my copy of Relicblade – Adventure Battle Game after backing the Kickstarter. This is exciting for me for many reasons but here are just a few…


  • This is a one man show – the ENTIRE gaming system, from the rules, miniatures, artwork, box art… EVERYTHING has been completed by one man – Sean Sutter. Sean is not just an astounding comic artist – being a massive Mignola fan Sean’s work tickles my ‘Hellboy’ spot – with work on the series ‘B-Squad’, he’s also a Z-Brush sculptor and apparently a first class game designer.
  • Harking backwards… – Relicblade really reminds me of my early forays into gaming – with miniatures and without. Heroquest, D&D and even the Fighting Fantasy Books all seem to have the same ‘feel’ of Relicblade. Goodies and Baddies chucking arrows, swords and fists at each other until there is a winner. Not every miniatures game needs 200+ miniatures and a phone book sized rules tome.
  • …while looking forwards – I can see the potential for this game to expand. I know Sean has other miniatures and campaigns in his brain box for us to play with. The cards that come with the game (an there are a LOT of cards) off extreme customisation so no gang of Pigmen or band of Heroes need be the same from game to game. With a second wave release of cards and/or minis the game would balloon. And that’s a good thing.
  • Simplicity is key – I have two very young children (too young to play currently) and a wife who, while she likes games, is no 40k enthusiast. The basic mechanics of Relicblade are simple enough for ‘non-gamers’ to pick up and just customisable enough for ‘veterans’ to have a good time. I can totally see teaching this to my kids in minutes (when they are old enough to be trusted with Daddy’s miniatures!)
  • The miniatures – Classic heroes and villains in a new style. No game would be complete without the Warrior, Cleric, Wizard archetypes and Relicblade is no exception. Although the Cleric is a Dragonman and the Wizard is Druid that can turn into a Cave Bear. Great stuff!

I can go on and on about Relicblade (as you can probably tell) but I really implore you to take a look at some videos that are currently on the inter-webs. Specifically there is Sean’s YouTube channel – Metal King Studio – that is full of game play, sculpting (where he designs the new Thief mini from start to finish) and heaps of other stuff. Also, check out the videos by Ash Barker on Guerrilla Miniature Games‘ YouTube channel – he does a great Let’s Play and a couple of battle reports too. Owen from Gaming with the Cooler also has a battle report up too. Take a look, absorb the rules.

Anyway, like I said, I’ve received my copy and have got some paint on the miniatures. There’ll be more to come on this – both painting wise and for the game itself – so check back for more!

For regular updates I am on Facebook and Twitter  (both searchable with FyremaneBW) so please link and share to your hearts content!




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